Monday, December 14, 2009


shakespeare, originally uploaded by Kris Kros.

This one was produced by me, Kris Kros. This is not HDR.

The Gypsy Girl

The Gypsy Girl, originally uploaded by lilychip.

Portraits of my niece Megan using natural light from window... my homework for college this week !
I used a bay window so the light came from the side, front & behind (2nd shot)
the 1st image was taken further away from the window in shadows ! 

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Style

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Style, originally uploaded by mudpig.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Going Against the Flow

Going Against the Flow, originally uploaded by Mattijn.

Bad to the Bone

My little angel

My little angel, originally uploaded by Giorgos~.

Last leaves

Last leaves, originally uploaded by algo.

Korea: Seoul Workers

Dynamic doesn't quite describe how different Seoul is from day to day -- almost hour to hour. Things tend to get a bit crowded here with all the construction going on. It's a wonder how many businesses can fit, let alone survive.

Please vote for it at National Geographic! :

The Hooves of the Horses !

The Hooves of the Horses !, originally uploaded by BenTaher.

Explored ( Nov 13, 2009 #376 )

Well, Now I got more experience to take similar Photos without putting my self in risk :)

I like this Poem :-

The Hooves of the Horses

The hooves of the horses - O' Witching and Sweet,
is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet;
No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird,
Can stir me as hooves of the horses have stirred.

They spurn disappointment and trample despair,
and drown with their drum beats the challenge of care,
With scarlet and silk for their banners above,
they are swifter than fortune and sweeter than love.

On the wings of the morning they gather and fly,
In the hush of the night-time I hear them go by-
The horses of memory thundering through
With flashing white fetlocks all wet with the dew.

When you lay me to slumber no spot you can choose,
but will ring to the rhythm of galloping shoes,
and under the daisies no grave be so deep
but the hooves of the horses shall sound in my sleep.

-Will H. Ogilvie from Galloping

From appyhorsey Web Site .


DANCING LEAVES, originally uploaded by weirena.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
- Albert Camus


Leaf-Brushes done by myself ..

texture by JoesSistah – thank you 

Never mind

Never mind, originally uploaded by Antὸn.

Mad Bunny and the magical feet

Mad Bunny and the magical feet, originally uploaded by yves.lecoq.