Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Babie-bee, originally uploaded by MVNDee.

Babie-bee said that i dont have a real job hahaha just cause i basically can come in whenever and leave whenever and request day off the day before hahha.

So i went to bed late last night because i was watching "the ditchdigger's daughters", which touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

Very inspirational! So i decided to email the author Dr. Yvonne S. Thornton to say thank you. And to my surprised, she responded to my email, wow!

I will order the book as soon as i get paid! I think they should make this book a requirement for HS students...

Anyway, i drove my dad's car to work today because my car was blocked by a truck and i didnt feel like trying to get it out, plus i'd need to get get gas ahhaha. My office key is in the key chain with my car key, so i didnt have the key to the office. I stood downstairs waiting for the security guard so i can ask him to open the office for me. Waited and waited and no sight of him.

Then finally, i saw the maintenance guy. He's a really nice person. Always says hi to me and asks how am i doing. So i asked him if he can open my office for me. He told me to wait so he can go grab the key. On the way to the office, we just chatted. Then he asked "do you have babies?" ahahhahahahahah, that cracked me up hahahaha, i responded "no i am not married yet" ahhahaha. I think he asked because he saw me with the kids before hahaha i took them to the office a few times hahahha.
Then he followed with "do you have a boyfriend?" ahaha i said "yes i do have a boyfriend!" ahahhaha. Funny!

Anyway, time to get to work =)

p.s. yes! i am sooooo random i know, the photo has nothing to do with my entry ahhahaha

p.s.1. oh this morning babie-bee texted me with "happy anniversary my loving lil muiffin" ahhahaha how sweet of him!

Monday, January 18, 2010

enamorado de la Luna

enamorado de la Luna, originally uploaded by LuisBeltrán.

No time to wait / لاوقت للإنتظار

Prague autumn morning.

Prague autumn morning., originally uploaded by Ian@NZFlickr.

A jogger on the Charles Bridge in a September mist.

A few seconds after this shot

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going ape in Old Town - Sardinia - Italy

I fell in love with these 3 wheeler ape 50's. It was the most popular car in town - so I had to get a shot!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

coming soon ... hdr unleashed by kris kros

View on black
View in FULL

Truly, every page on this book contains my heart and soul. I hope you can feel my touch.

This is for beginners, intermediate and advanced HDR enthusiasts.

Looking for a good place to print my book. Suggestions welcomed.

I said in my previous post that it was my last posting before the release. But I just want feedbacks and suggestions from you. And I can't just take my eyes off from flickr. I guess I'm addicted to it.

Thank you for waiting. And wish me luck.

Cover design by Kris Kros / Joe.

New Era in the mist

New Era in the mist, originally uploaded by rass999.

Photoshop, the miracle worker...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleep tight little buddy. Even President Obama doesn't have security this good.

As I've said in previous postings, when our boys were born, our Shepherd Romair took it upon himself to be their protector (as did our other Shepherd, Amber). I've often wondered what he would have done if we had ever raised a hand in anger towards the boys. Fortunately, we never had occasion to find out. See the comment box below for a couple more shots of this nature.

I've put together a set called Our Life Story depicting our life together over the past half century and containing over 150 images and descriptions which, for the most part, are in chronological order. Check it out and tell me what you think of it. Here's a sample page of a loose leaf book I've put together using the images and descriptions included in this set.

feast of the black nazarene

feast of the black nazarene, originally uploaded by *emong*.

Charcoal on paper, 16 inches x 24 inches, 2003. Artist Collection

Thursday, January 07, 2010

i'm back ...

i'm back ..., originally uploaded by Kris Kros.

One of my digital artworks.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The little story of the key tree

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal!

It took me ages to finish this one uff!!

my facebook:

ask me anything: www.formspring.me/himitsuhana

awakening n.2

awakening n.2, originally uploaded by pippuz78.

strobist: speedlite 430 exII camera left full pw, youngnuo 460 camera right 1/2 pw, youngnuo 460 backlight 1/2 pw
filippo scarpi

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In Black and White?

In Black and White?, originally uploaded by Cap'n Surly.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Portraiture in Digital Arts

I want to be your lovebird

Friday, January 01, 2010

Stokes Cove

Stokes Cove, originally uploaded by -SEH- Photography.

Red eye reduction

Red eye reduction, originally uploaded by hipydeus.


Frozen, originally uploaded by W.lotus.

Desi Tea a.k.s Doodh Patti :: HDR

Good things come in threes

Good things come in threes, originally uploaded by Elf-Y.

Entering the desert

Entering the desert, originally uploaded by Faborito.