Saturday, January 16, 2010

coming soon ... hdr unleashed by kris kros

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Truly, every page on this book contains my heart and soul. I hope you can feel my touch.

This is for beginners, intermediate and advanced HDR enthusiasts.

Looking for a good place to print my book. Suggestions welcomed.

I said in my previous post that it was my last posting before the release. But I just want feedbacks and suggestions from you. And I can't just take my eyes off from flickr. I guess I'm addicted to it.

Thank you for waiting. And wish me luck.

Cover design by Kris Kros / Joe.


Magnetic Lobster said...

You clearly have the talent, expertise, and experience to write something like this! I hope it does well!

My only suggestion would be to remove "2010" from the cover so that next year readers won't assume that they need to get something more recent.

Daniel Sonkin said...


Please contact me when the book is available. From your incredible work, I would be very interested in purchasing it.


JImmy Batte said...

Ever get to release your book? Was just inquiring?