Monday, September 18, 2006

room with a view

room with a view, originally uploaded by u.linder.

this pic made it to become the first ever pick of the week winner! unbelievable!!

thx to joe!

thx to everybody for your nice comments, favs and congrats!! i am so honored!!

i met this guy in one of the rooms staring through this open window. i don't know who he is. maybe somekind of caretaker. =)

third pic of the special places i mentioned.

i took this during a tour with mace2000. we went to the hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern black forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.). this was inside an old, abandoned and decayed house.

meanwhile we found out that these houses were used by the french army from 1945 to 1996.

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