Thursday, October 05, 2006

Buzkashi, Afghanistan

Buzkashi, Afghanistan, originally uploaded by Po Lo.

Po Lo says:

Buzkashi, Afghanistan

Popular game similar to polo. The riders have to take a goat or more usually a cow calf carcass rid with it around a flag and come back to drop it in a circle. No teams no rules. It is very violent but exciting. I nearly got trampled a couple times taking pictures and last week I got crushed against a barrier by several horses. Hope you like the shots (more in my photos)
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Anonymous said...

this is the most grotesquely ugly thing I have really ever seen. the total and joyful lack of respect for life sickens me. It's nice you are showing this, but I cannot see it as anything more than a sick game played by mentally ill (yet socially acceptable) men. How can anyone see anything else? playing a game with a dead animal?